Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Possible Conference Presentation

How about presenting Challenge 20/20 2009-2010 at the Social Studies Conference? Why present? If proposal approved, even if no one attends our presentation, we get $300. We will allocate those $300 to purchase the Green School Tool Kit for Challenge 20/20 for energy audits in 2010 and for the science teachers to have as a resource, to start a fund buy recyclable water bottles and big event recyclable bins.

Presenting is a way of reflecting, evaluating, and setting goals and a path for the future. It is a win/win opportunity and we have time to prepare because the presentation is on February 6, but the deadline for the presentation proposal is Nov. 20. We have presented the Challenge 20/20 project : Hunger Challenge in the past. We used the money for Walk the World expenses.

Brainstorming the Presentation

1. Brainstorming Titles ..
The Question: Climate Change. The Solution: Schools Living Green
Green Schools: Global Challenges, Local Solutions
Green Schools: Intergenerational Entrepreneurial
Green Schools: Change Becomes Peace

2. Brainstorming Possible Abstract:
If there are six billion+ paths to peace/change, what is ours? We will show how children, youth and adults are embracing a "greener school climate." See approaches to water usage awareness, energy conservation, reduction of ecological and carbon footprint. You might find your path to green school change. "Green" door prizes.

Thank you Josh and Rebecca for writing the grant that gave us the Facing the Future curriculum on climate change and digital cameras...

Possible presentation collaborators:

a. Dave Wilton from Facing the Future: Door Prizes for educators: He sent the following e-mail: Thank you for including Facing the Future in your proposal brainstorming. If it's mainly edcuators that you think would be coming to your workshop, I would be happy to send along copies of our book "Engaging Students through Global Issues" on CD to give to attendees. All I ask in return is that you share some basic information about Facing the Future. Ideally, if you have time, I would encourage you to consider finding an example of an engaging lesson activity (doesn't have to be and FTF lesson) to people can experience what it would be like to carry the ideas from your presentation back to their school/community and have a way to engage their students/neighbors with issues you've presented. Happy to be of further assistance if you would like. I hope your trip to Keystone was illuminating. Best wishes! Dave
Dave Wilton
811 First Ave., Suite 454 | Seattle, WA 98104 | www.facingthefuture.org
T 206-264-1503 F 206-264-1506 E dave@facingthefuture.org

b. I have also beautiful ornaments made out of recycled paper that we can paint and give as door prizes- Mrs. Czerwinski could take a couple of minutes to explain how she does this project with her pre-school class. They are beautiful. Have not had a reply from Mrs. CZ yet

3. Brainstorming process of presentation: CHANGE becomes peace

Explain Challenge 20/20 via video.(3 minutes). Explain the green schools pilot program and Facing the Future.org CONNECTIONS. Explain how our connection to Susie Shields from the DEQ and Putnam City North students CAST empowered us to expand our environmental school outreach from paper recycling to plastic and cans. Explain what part of the green school pilot program we will be implementing with the $300 stipend...Explain the Energy Audit tool kit. UD Science teachers could explain how they have used the two instruments we have obtained from Mrs. Shields so far. Explain our connection to Facing the Future: Wrote grant, received free curriculum, and digital cameras. Connection of digital cameras to Challenge 20/20 hunger initiative through Ollantaytambo project. Miss Bornhoft could have a part in the presentation. We might also ask her to bring her Vegi Club perspective too. I am sending copy of this e-mail to her too. Explain our administrative leadership: path to paperless school, LEED Building, etc. Maybe we could take a couple minutes video of Mr. Bright explaining our LEED building.

Explain how Challenge 20/20 plans to expand "reduction of carbon and ecological footprint as well as water and energy conservation...I have great Facing the Future handouts on water...Byron could explain Mr. Bottomly's class project on Water for All.. Josh and Rebecca, you could explain how your experience has changed from freshman to junior year through CONNECTIONS. I will ask Susie Shields to consider having a minute or two on ecological footprint. I have been fascinated by the High School Living Green Presentation. Susie Shields knows the source of that PP. I think it might have been from Edmond North. Mrs. Zesiger and Mr. Reynolds took the environmental freshman group that year to the site visit. Maybe environmental club and Mrs. Zesiger could have a part in the presentation too. We can have an 8th grader from Mr. Sappington last year class explain their energy consumption awareness Earth Day project if Mr. Sappington is not available. Mr. Sappington said he could be interested in presenting his project with us.

4. CHANGE BECOMES PEACE (Change a path to peace): SARAH might explain how educating to be green is a path to peace and a way to embrace diversit. Explain how being green expands our understanding of diversity...We might consider having birds and pinwheels decorating the room. We might consider sending an e-mail to Haru to see if he would consider sending path to peace, be the cards and T-shirts for participants.

I will ask Keystone Adventure School and farm http://www.keystoneadventureschool.com/index.htm to consider sharing their vegetable garden and composting project as well as their rain forest project.

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