Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Casady Challenge 20/20 purpose

Hello, we are Casady's Challenge 20/20 group, we have been discussing and promoting the Challenges in High Noon, and we have come an an conclusion of selling reusable aluminum water bottles to reduce the average number of plastic bottles in our recycling bins from 200 each week to 100 or less by the end of the year. We were wondering if we could use NAIS' Logo on our school bottles to promote NAIS and Challenge 20/20. We were also wondering if we could receive a small stipend from NAIS on each bottle, to help fund the bottles distributed throughout our high-school and possible all the lower-divisions.

The profits from water bottle sales will be used to purchase a toolkit which includes instruments to measure the amount of electricity used when an item that is not in use is left plugged in, the quality of the air in any given location, etc. This toolkit will allow Challenge 20/20 to pinpoint the places where very simple changes can greatly affect the overall quality of Casady's campus in terms of the environment, which can cut energy costs and enhance the learning of students.

Josh OU

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