Friday, November 20, 2009

Casady Challenge 20/20 takes action

"If you're interested in buying one of Challenge 20/20's BPA-free water bottles there are order forms on all the lockers. If you buy a water bottle you'll not only be helping the environment by reducing the amount of plastic in the recycling bins, you'll be saving yourself because these bottles are BPA-free. BPA is a carcinogen (which means it can cause cancer) and it can leech into your water if the bottle isn't BPA-free. The bottles are $12 each, or $13 if you don't want the Casady crest. Please return the order forms to a Challenge 20/20 member, Mrs. Clay, or the main office."

As you may have heard, the Challenge 20/20 student group is going to sell Bisphenol A (BPA)-free reusable aluminum water bottles in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by Casady students.
1) Our goal is to have full participation in every grade.
2) The water bottles will be personally engraved with whatever WORDS or name the student wishes to engrave (15 characters max)
3) There will be a $12 charge to the bookbill for each bottle purchased.
4) When a student uses one of the bottles, they are reducing the amount of plastic waste that they normally produce. It is also healthier/safer to use these BPA-free water bottles because they do not leech carcinogens into the contained liquids like other bottles do.
5) The profits from water bottle sales will be used to purchase a toolkit which includes instruments to measure the amount of electricity used when an item that is not in use is left plugged in, the quality of the air in any given location, etc. This toolkit will allow Challenge 20/20 to pinpoint the places where very simple changes can greatly affect the overall quality of Casady's campus in terms of the environment, which can cut energy costs and enhance the learning of students.

A picture of what the bottles will look like is on the flyers that you'll find on your lockers.

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