Monday, May 17, 2010

Geology class debate on Global Warming


From Mr. Craig Peck:
I do not have time to do complete research but there were a few things I could get my hands on quickly. I will try to answer some of the student questions and provide resources for the students to research.

I cannot address the health or social consequences.

I have attached 3 things that may be of interest.
1. The official American Association of petroleum geologists position paper.
2. The introduction and overview to a book published by AAPG -- Gerhard et al. (2001) pages 2 and 3, which diagram timescale of events may be useful.
3. The Spring 2007 Correlator. Pages 4 and 5 have some talking points that the students might be interested in.

Additional Web references:
Arctic Warming Report Flawed (this is not "climate-gate").
This shows, among other things, carbon dioxide levels versus temperature on a geologic timescale.
Jim Reynolds, a geology professor at Brevard College in North Carolina, believes that CO2 will cause climate change, making it COLDER.

I suspect that the best Web references for the students to use are My search of their sites using the Google search engine provided substantial hits.

Craig Peck
President and Chief Petrophysicist

Petro Isle, LLC

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