Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome Back Turkish Partners

We heard back from our former partners and we hope to start communication soon.
Salman has been busy setting a meeting with Village Recycling to enhance our recycling program.  He has not started anything in the area of carbon footprint or energy audits at Casady because he and Les Pace from Oklahoma Green Schools have been trying to get the program started at Mercy School, a school Salman wants to mentor this year.

Salman is working on developing a stronger relationship with the environmental club.   He has been an active recycler in the month of September.  He has also been trying to recruit freshmen to volunteer in his green team during the first two YAC meeting which he has re-name "YOU-nite A Community."  The purpose of the YAC team is to help students find their passion to help our community and complete their 45-service requirement for graduation.  The sponsor of the environmental club is Mrs. Julieta Zesiger, chemistry teacher.  The YAC sponsor is Mrs. Clay, Spanish teacher and facilitator of the service requirement for graduation.

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