Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Training Opportunities

Kansas Green Schools Conference: July 28-July 29.  (Three nights stay at hotel)  Contact Christina Stallings: , 522-6158, 227-8858 for details.  Conference highly recommended for educators interested in greening schools

Thursday: June 28, 9:30-5:00:  Pre-Conference Workshop: Trek an New Route in Green Schools: How to start a Green team  $50. Full day of professional development with lunch included. k-12 faculty, educators, parents welcomed.

Friday: June 29: 7:30-5:00: $15 registration fee.  See details and online registration at

Next Green School Program Board Meeting: July 21.  Metro Career Academy teachers will attend.
Green School Program Training Dates: (4 hours.  Lunch and prizes by OG&E)

July 22: Oklahoma Public/Private School Teacher Training at John Marshall High School.  Contact Christina Stallings, trainer facilitator , 522-6158, 227-8858  for details.  Lunch provided by OG&E

August 5th: Oklahoma Public/Private School Teacher trainng at TBA, Casady School, Gaylord Student Center. Lunch provided by OG&E There is also a training in Tulsa the same day for Tulsa teachers
10 top questions for Salman, First Green School Program Youth Intern

1. What questions should we have at a FAQ link of the website?
2. Green School Challenge costs $700 per year, is that worth it? How could students raise that amount on a yearly basis?  From the Challenge itself,...doable?
3. We will create a speakers bureau and promote it at the website...What topics will interest emerging youth green teams?
4. Should we have a link with factoids about what students are accomplishing?  Should we have contests?  Did you ever create your own website for NAIS Challenge 20/20 Green Team YES (NAISCH20/20GTY)
5. Check out Please send feedback
6. Interested in manpowering a booth for OKGSP at A+ Conference September 17, 2011, if approved?
7. I am setting up a meeting with Sonny Wilkinson from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful for trees and recycling, interested in attending?  I will cc you e-mails.
8. Will you be able to help with SKYPE Monday the 27?
9. Do you need help?
10.  How are you doing?

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