Sunday, January 24, 2010

LEED and Challenge 20/20 Update and 2009 Reflection

Thanks to Beth, lab technician at OCU, Blue Thumb Service-learning teacher at OCU, and Okllahoma Green School Committee Member, a member of the Casady Challenge 20/20 team will be attending Deer Creek Green Schools final presentation of their energy audit findings this coming Wednesday from 3-5.

Jeff Wegener-Chair of the Oklahoma Green Schools Pilot Program and Jason Hukill from a LEED architectural firm came to school last week to start a conversation about LEED. It was a quick, informative visit. Jeff sent the following link for green curriculum

Jason invited the Challenge 20/20 and Casady Green team to his office to continue the conversation on Monday, February 15. We are also scheduled to visit the DEQ that day to meet Mrs. Susie Shields who has provided many resources to the Challenge 20/20 team.

2009 REFLECTION: Casady has the following Green initiatives facilitated by Challenge 20/20 in collaboration with the Environmental Club: Recycling (paper-plastic and cans-thanks for the free recycling containers). Challenge 20/20 is about to begin an energy audit campaign in collaboration with teachers from the Middle and Lower Divisions. Challenge 20/20 finished fundraising for the energy audit tool kit with proceeds from an ongoing aluminum bottles sale campaign. Last week, with Jeff's visit, they started a LEED awareness campaign.

Challenge 20/20 is trying to set-up a Green Treen Training Session for the Casady Green Team as another step to develop the students capacity to MENTOR younger students in "green practices."

There has been no communication with the school in China. We have been trying to set-up SKYPE communication with the school in New York. They are creating a Global Warming awareness book to be used with younger students and have requested our help,but we have not begun to work together yet.

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